/Where are all the personal robots we were promised?

Where are all the personal robots we were promised?

Key idea:  These 15 robots may demonstrate that the concept is viable.

Original author and publication date: Christopher McFadden (Interesting Engineering) – September 17, 2022

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: It is difficult enough to deal with other humans and now we also need to deal with intelligent robots

From the article:   

Would you like a robot to assist you in the house? Perhaps another for personal security? Well, you can’t help but notice that there appears to be a complete lack of them.

That being said, various personal robots already exist. However, most of these are far off the mark compared to the kind of personal robots we have been promised by various science fiction franchises like “Rosey” from “The Jetsons,” “Bubo” from “Clash of the Titans,” the robots in “I, Robot,” or genetically engineered “replicants” like those in “Bladerunner.”

What is a personal robot?
A personal robot is one with some kind of human interface and is also helpful for the general public. They contrast with other robots, like industrial ones, that are often programmed and run by robotics experts and resemble machines more than people.

Personal robots can provide a range of tasks, including letting people automate tedious or repetitive tasks at home or at work, which increases productivity or can be used simply for pleasure.

The shift from industrial robotics to personal robotics is altering productivity in both the home and workplace, much like how the switch from mainframe computers to personal computers transformed individual productivity.

The ability to quickly program a personal robot is mainly needed to turn a robot like ASIMO or Atlas into a personal robot or artificial helper that the general population can use. For this to be possible, there need to be considerable improvements in motion planning, computer vision (especially scene recognition), natural language processing, and automated reasoning.

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