/January 31, 2023: Can AI read our minds?

January 31, 2023: Can AI read our minds?

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Short answer, yes (but with limitations). READ today’s main story for details.

Hello. Thanks for visiting Futurizonte, a daily selection of articles about the future, without disturbing your attention or your wallet. This is the idea behind this site: the future is no longer what it used to be and the new future is already emerging. The new future is still just beyond the horizon, like the sun in the before the sunrise: we know it is there, but we don’t fully see it yet.

However, the new future is already impacting us. Hence, the need to connect ourselves with the emerging future to be prepared for it. One way to connect with the new future is to read today stories about that future.

Hoping to make our own (and certainly small) contribution to that purpose, we offer here carefully selected stories from different sources. We suggest not to read the stories as if they were isolated from each other. They are not. They are all interconnected. And that interconnection is the horizon of the new future. Hence, the name of our site: Futurizonte

Happy readings! And remember what Spanish thinker Enrique Santin once said: “You remember the past. You live the present. You think the future.”

Francisco Miraval
Francisco Miraval

Dr. Francisco Miraval completed degrees in education, philosophy, and theology . He is a transformational philosopher and a journalist. He lives in Denver, Colorado, USA,

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