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Wearing the Future, Athlete Tested, Expedition Proven

Technically advanced Nanospinning material by Nautica  Source: NAUTICA

Summary: The North Face recently introduced the first apparel made from the brand’s proprietary, FUTURELIGHT fabric

Original author and publication date: Joseph DeAcetis – November 30, 2019

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: New technologies lead to new materials and, in turn, new materials lead to new clothes, some of them with almost magic properties.

From the article:

Several years ago, I was lecturing a group of young businessmen on selling themselves on and off the slopes. To my point, business deals and presentations are no longer restricted to golf courses like they were in the past. On the contrary, more and more top management professionals are holding off-site company seminars at ski resorts! One of the desirable influences that I mentioned was technically advanced fabrications coupled with up-to-the-moment style. Most of the men replied by saying “We’ll, we’re definitely okay on that score, because that definitely describes us.” Upon viewing their individual images I didn’t really think so, but instead of contradicting them outright, I decided to put their brands and looks to the test. And as predicted, I was not pleased with my findings.

Allow me to be abrupt. When on a company outing, what you think of your style is totally irrelevant; what society thinks is largely irrelevant, too. What matters are the opinions of those men who are in positions to make judgments about you that will either help or hurt? More importantly, this varies from man to man and locality to locality. There is no set of rules I can offer, but it is a matter of importance, and you must learn for yourself what product and style is acceptable in your specific circumstances and adopts it.

In my profession, I am frequently asked if there are any traits common to all successful executives. There most defiantly are; they are always polished in appearance. And they expect the same of other men, particularly subordinates. If you appear disheveled, it triggers very strong negative reactions from other men. Keep it neat and clean. More importantly, keep up-to-date with the latest technology and style – as it is transitioning rapidly and you don’t ever want to be viewed as behind the times at a work gathering.

The old proverb “ Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it” is most certainly not true of course. Rainwear and Outerwear manufacturers have been battling the elements of nature for multiple generations in response to severe weather conditions. On the contrary, there is another adage that states “ Necessity is the mother of invention” necessity in this case being the fact that there is an average of roughly 125 rainy days in 30 of the largest American cities.

By today’s standards, waterproof apparel produced in the first decade of the twentieth century seems more utilitarian than stylish. Back then, the product had been created with protection as its prime aim. Fashion and style were very much an after-thought.

In speaking of technically advanced apparel, the North Face recently embarked on a multi-year journey to create a waterproof fabric that’s soft, light, flexible and comfortable – but also durable and sustainably designed.

After three years of research, product development and extensive lab and field-testing, The North Face introduces the first apparel made from the brand’s proprietary, FUTURELIGHT fabric.

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