/War, Pestilence, Gloom, & Doom — That’s The GOOD News

War, Pestilence, Gloom, & Doom — That’s The GOOD News

Summary: The US intelligence community has released its Global Trends 2040 report. It is not pleasant reading.

Original author and publication date: Steven Hanley – April 19, 2021

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: There multiple simultaneous futures emerging every single moment. Let’s choose wisely.

From the article:

Every 4 years, the US intelligence community, consisting of 18 spy agencies and tens of thousands of workers, prepares a Global Trends report for the new president and members of Congress. In 2008, it warned specifically about the danger of a global pandemic originating in East Asia. According to the New York Times, the Global Trends 2040 report released last week by the National Intelligence Council, says the Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be “the most significant, singular global disruption since World War II,” with medical, political and security implications that will reverberate for years

By law, the creators of the Global Trends report are prohibited from making recommendations. Their mission is to gather the evidence and present it to our elected officials so they can decide what actions to take based up the report’s threat assessments. That thought should scare the bejezus out of anyone who understands how the electoral process in the United States works.

The New York Times highlights these statements from this year’s report:

  • “Large segments of the global population are becoming wary of institutions and governments that they see as unwilling or unable to address their needs. People are gravitating to familiar and like-minded groups for community and security, including ethnic, religious, and cultural identities as well as groupings around interests and causes, such as environmentalism.”
  • “At the same time that populations are increasingly empowered and demanding more, governments are coming under greater pressure from new challenges and more limited resources. This widening gap portends more political volatility, erosion of democracy, and expanding roles for alternative providers of governance.”
  • “Accelerating shifts in military power, demographics, economic growth, environmental conditions, and technology, as well as hardening divisions over governance models, are likely to further ratchet up competition between China and a Western coalition led by the United States.”
  • “At the state level, the relationships between societies and their governments in every region are likely to face persistent strains and tensions because of a growing mismatch between what publics need and expect and what governments can and will deliver.”

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