/Three Ways AI Is Disrupting the Human Experience In Enterprises

Three Ways AI Is Disrupting the Human Experience In Enterprises

Key idea: Innovation, purpose, and inclusivity are the bedrock of the 5th Revolution, and these can be made possible when there’s a deep connection between humans and machines.

Original author and publication date: Kiran Raju (SpiceWorks) – November 23, 2022

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Will humans and machines be able to work together? Doubtful. After all, we can barely work with other humans.

From the article:   

The looming fear that robots and machines will take over the human race, making us redundant sooner than expected, is getting dismissed with time and with the innovations we see each day.

Robots and machines will not take over the world. They will, rather, progressively help humans in ways more than anyone can imagine.

AI and ML algorithm-powered systems and robotics are already altering how we work, play, and live. These systems don’t just carry out repetitive tasks. They’re also capable of doing highly complex tasks and even assisting with decision-making, allowing humans to spend more time on important things.

Eventually, AI-led autonomous systems – those that can self-learn, adapt, and continuously evolve – will be a part of our daily lives.

In fact, they have already started living with us in the form of autocomplete emails, chatbots that schedule appointments for their owner, and cars that drive themselves.

Just like how self-driving cars are a thing and changing the automotive industry, self-driving enterprises will soon be the game-changer for businesses. Autonomy will help businesses ‘drive’ themselves, assisting humans and augmenting their capabilities.

Let us understand how self-driving enterprises will disrupt human experiences in the times to come. Some enterprises are already experimenting to understand the value autonomy can create and have been pretty happy with the results.

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