/Is there a Future of Work with AI?

Is there a Future of Work with AI?

KEY IDEA: Is the future of work hybrid, remote, in-person or freelance co-working? Probably all of the above, but AI will fundamentally transform work itself.

Original author and publication date: Wipro – August 28, 2023

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Our humanoid coworkers are already here. Now, we are getting really anxious.

From the article:   

For the past several years, amid unprecedented rates of hybrid and remote work, the future of work has been a topic of intense conversation among global businesses. Recent advancements in GenAI are taking that conversation to a new extreme. The emerging question: is there a future of work? 

As machine learning takes over previously human-occupied analytical roles, and as GenAI stakes its claim in content and code creation, there’s increasing anxiety about economy-wide job displacement and rigid automation.

Some of this anxiety is perhaps well-founded, but the future of work will involve a heavy dose of AI whether we like it or not. It won’t be apocalyptic, but there will be change. At its best, the future of work will be about viewing AI as an ally, a hyper-intelligent collaborator that can augment human potential.

So, while AI skeptics find it easy to ask, “Is there a future of work?” a better question is “How do I cultivate an AI-ready workforce of the future?”

In many cases, AI itself will provide some answers. In the coming years, enterprises will leverage AI to identify emerging skills gaps, build talent transformation programs on top of AI-powered platforms, and retain top talent by personalizing employee engagement through AI-driven insights. 

For all of the ink recently spilled about in-person vs. hybrid vs. remote working, there’s a deeper reality: Wherever and however employees work during the next several decades, they will need to be prepared to add value amid relentless technological change, particularly in the context of the AI revolution. The companies that win the AI revolution and successfully ride the waves of other emerging technologies will achieve resilience by prioritizing people through an AI lens. In the process, they have an opportunity to not just adapt to changing circumstances, but truly create the future of work. 

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