/The Pentagon is using AI to help predict events days into the future

The Pentagon is using AI to help predict events days into the future

Summary: It’s science fiction turned science fact, but without all the weird gesture-controlled computer systems.

Original author and publication date: Eric Mack – August 3, 2021

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: For details about AI anticipating the future, read The End of Eternity, by Isaac Asimov.

From the article:

Before we talk about the US military using big data and artificial intelligence to try to predict events in the near future, we might as well address the elephant, or rather the notoriously small-statured but undeniably charismatic actor, in the room.

Yes, it sounds a lot like that old 2002 Tom Cruise sci-fi classic Minority Report; the one in which law enforcement uses genetically mutated human “precogs” with psychic abilities to bust criminals before they actually commit their crimes.

“What we’ve seen is the ability to get way further — what I call left — left of being reactive to actually being proactive,” Gen. Glen D. VanHerck, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, and US Northern Command told reporters at a briefing last week. “And I’m talking not minutes and hours — I’m talking days.”

VanHerck was discussing the latest results of the Global Information Dominance Experiment, also known as GIDE, a so-called cross-command event that involved representatives from all eleven combatant commands in the US Department of Defense.

The Pentagon hasn’t released many specific details on what exactly GIDE involves, but it certainly doesn’t include any precogs bathing in creepy opaque white liquids. Rather, the idea seems to be combining data with machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence to gain enough of an informational edge to enable the proactive approach VanHerck describes.

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