/The next 10–25 years will determine whether humanity lives or dies

The next 10–25 years will determine whether humanity lives or dies

Summary: What will life be like for them over the course of their lives? How many changes will they see over the next 10–80 years?

Original author and publication date: Mike Spohr – December 3, 2020

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: The future is a state of consciousness. not a time yet to come.

From the article:

“Humanity is headed for a very interesting, species-defining 10–25 years. We will either solve many of the enormous woes plaguing our species/society, or we will spark the beginning of the end.

Here are some thoughts:

—The United States will fix its broken healthcare system or collapse to mediocrity (either way, it will lose its superpower status).

—Small towns will virtually die from autonomous trucking.

—Genome and gut biome sequencing will become low/no cost monthly checkups.

—Paper money will be banned by governments.

—Artificial general intelligence will still be 15–20 years away.

—Mega corporations (like Amazon) will start buying up nation states.

—There will be at least one earth-shattering incident of accidental bioterrorism.

—The rich will have access to black market designer baby clinics.

—And your most valuable ‘smart wearable’ will be your toilet to monitor gut health.”

—Matt Ward, author of Death Donor: A Dystopian SciFi Technothriller

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