/Leading In A Time Of Change: Higher Education In Transition

Leading In A Time Of Change: Higher Education In Transition

Key idea: The foundations of higher education are being challenged and universities need to adapt.

Original author and publication date: Glenn Llopis (Forbes) – November 23, 2022

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Universities have been able to adapt to many changes for the past 2500 years. It is time to do it one more time.

From the article:   

Higher education is facing one of its biggest periods of unknowns in recent memory. There’s not a single aspect of education that hasn’t been challenged by the pandemic. But that’s not the only source of uncertainty. Technology changes so fast, the hard skills we master in school become outdated in a matter of years. Some of the most exciting career opportunities might be in fields that don’t even exist yet tackling challenges we can’t even imagine.

This is part two of a six-part series on navigating uncertainty in business, healthcare and higher education. The articles in this series feature a blend of written content and short videos of individuals from across industries. Part one introduced the secret to navigating uncertainty: seeing change as opportunity, not as a threat. In this article, I’ll explore how uncertainty is forcing higher education to evolve.

Higher education has to navigate its own uncertainty, while also training students how to handle the unknown so they become the kind of employees and leaders that our institutions need.

The Intersection of Higher Education and Workforce Development
How do you train future leaders within an environment that constantly changes?

Experts across higher education suggest that education should look less structured and make room for more variety: calling for new paths, multiple streams, a wider array of credentials — so people can reskill as needed and put those skills to work immediately.

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