/The Future of AI: Nanowire Networks Learn & Think Like Humans

The Future of AI: Nanowire Networks Learn & Think Like Humans

Key idea:  Nanowire networks (Nano Net) can exhibit both short- and long- term memory, like the human brain.

Original author and publication date: EFE UDIN – April 23, 2023

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: If nanonetworks think like humans, are they conscious of themselves?

From the article:   

This new finding is coming from a team of experts led by Dr. Alon Loeffler of the Univ. of Sydney. Dr. Alon Loeffler who got his PhD in the School of Physics conducted the study. The study is currently online in the journal Science Advances. However, a group of Japanese experts were also part of the team. For simplicity, we will use “Nano Net” to represent Nanowire Network” in most parts of the article.

“In this research, we found higher – order cognitive function, which we normally associate with the human brain, can be emulated in non – biological hardware. This work builds on our previous research in which we showed how nanotechnology could be used to build a brain – inspired electrical device with neural network – like circuitry and synapse – like signaling. Our current work paves the way towards replicating brain – like learning and memory in non-biological hardware systems and suggests that the underlying nature of brain – like intelligence may be physical.”

Nano Nets are a subset of nano tech that often arise from thinly spaced, highly conductive, unseen to the naked eye, micro silver wires that are wrapped in a plastic material. Aspects of the networked physical structure of the human brain are modelled by the wires. Numerous practical applications, such as upgrading robots or sensing systems that must make quick decisions in random settings, could be ushered in by advances in Nano Nets.

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