/The Best Artificial Intelligence Books you Need to Read Today

The Best Artificial Intelligence Books you Need to Read Today

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Original writer and publication date: Zayan Guedim – October 16, 2019

If you’re looking for a selection of the top artificial intelligence books, the offerings could be overwhelming. But we’re here to help with that.

Artificial intelligence is slowly and steadily making its way through pretty much every system humans have created.

AI-powered agents are getting increasingly smarter as they hone their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

On the other hand, humans avail themselves of AI as much as possible. But, they’re called to adapt and learn to coexist with machines if they are to, at best, thrive, or survive, at the worst.

As far as humans are concerned, intelligent agents cut both ways.

Thankfully, the world’s leading scientists and thinkers help us understand what’s at stake and the best damage control measures to take if need be.

Many books deal with AI theory, modern AI sciences, and the technology’s future implications.

The ones listed below are some of the best artificial books today that dissect all of these areas.

Edgy’s Top Picks: The Best Artificial Books People Should Read

1. “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”

2. “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”

3. “Life 3.0”

4. “How to Create a Mind”

5. “Superintelligence – Paths, Dangers, Strategies”

6. “Weapons of Math Destruction”

7. “Our Final Invention”

8. “The Sentient Machine”

9. “The Fourth Age”

10. “AI Superpowers”

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