/The AI that can make Mona Lisa smile

The AI that can make Mona Lisa smile

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: With just one image, a new AI can make even the Mona Lisa “speak”. And, according to the article, the result looks quite natural. So, the question is, what next?

Source: Pablo.Buffer

Original author and publication date: John Pero – May 23, 2019

Summary: Samsung reveals algorithm that creates fake talking-head videos using just ONE photo

As if the world of deep-faked pictures and video wasn’t scary enough, researchers from Samsung’s AI center in Moscow have demonstrated an algorithm that can fabricate videos using only one image.

In a video demonstration and a paper published in the pre-print journal ArXiv, the researchers show the capabilities of what is described as ‘one-shot’ and ‘few-shot’ machine learning.

The results of their system bring to life popular faces like those of surrealist painter Salvador Dali and actress Marilyn Monroe using a single still image.

The more images that are fed into the program, the more realistic the resulting video becomes.

Though a single image translated into a moving face may look noticeably altered, a sample of 32 images produces a moving picture with near lifelike accuracy.

Researchers’ technology appears to take algorithms used to produce deepfakes far beyond existing methods not just in terms of realism, but in the amount of work that goes into creating photorealistic fakes.

Current AI systems are usually trained on an extensive catalog, requiring the algorithm to scan large data sets of a subjects body or face.

This method limits the system’s application to individuals who have sufficient amounts of pictures and videos available for use.

In the case of the researchers new software, however, those data sets are a more of a luxury than a necessity.

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