/Techfestival Questions The Ethics, Sustainability and Future of Tech Behemoths

Techfestival Questions The Ethics, Sustainability and Future of Tech Behemoths

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: This is very interesting: TechFestival is not about productos, but about “leadership, tools, technologies, movements,” I wish I could attend.

TechFestival Think-tank. Souce: TechFestival Press Team

Original writer and publication date: Brooke Roberts-Islam – Sept. 27, 2019

Techfestival, the annual summit funded by the Danish Government, was held for the third time this month, with a focus on issues often outside the mainstream coverage of the technology industry. With a mandate to debate issues beyond those covered at other tech summits, founder Thomas Madsen-Mygdal explained that this summit exists as an antidote to summits that act as a platform to sell products, or as scouting opportunity for VCs to find fast-growing startups. What is different about Techfestival?

We have created Techfestival to find human answers to tech progress. Explore the new leadership, tools, technologies, movements, and mindsets for a new direction in tech.

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Madsen-Mygdal explained to me that the festival is deliberately accessible (at only 40 euros a ticket) and is held in the trendy meatpacking district of Copenhagen, in favor of a traditional convention center. The debates take place on the main stage – an open-air tented area- where members of the public can engage with the festival along with industry members and tech enthusiasts. Why the open approach? “We believe in the advancement of society as a whole, rather than focusing on the success of the biggest, most profitable tech companies,” said Madsen-Mygdal. Reflecting on the difference between the approach of European technology companies, and more specifically a number of small tech businesses in Denmark, he explained that the local tech companies may not be household names with famous founders, but the collective contribution of the 100 or so tech companies that have up to 100 employees and are paying taxes is arguably advancing society (through the creation of jobs and paying taxes) to a larger degree than a tech behemoth that goes to lengths to avoid paying tax.

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