/Star Trek: Picard Trailer and News

Star Trek: Picard Trailer and News

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Let’s be honest: There is not such a thing as “too much Star Trek”.

SOURCE: NextBigFuture.com

There is a full length trailer for Star Trek : Picard.

Star Trek: Picard should start in early 2020. It’ll stream in the US on CBS All Access and on the Space Channel in Canada. Amazon Prime Video will shows episode within 24 hours of the US premiere in most of the rest of the world.

There is information on several co-stars and villains from Comic-con and the trailer.

Spoilers from the news below.




There is Jeri Ryan who was Seven of Nine of Voyager. They are letting Jeri Ryan be more human and less stiff.

The Borg are playing a big part in at least the early shows.

Data (Brent Spiner) and Jonathan Frakes (Riker) will be involved.

The character Hugh, who was a rebel Borg will be in the show.

There is some mystery female in the trailer, which the trailer seems to imply is Borg related.

If there is any extended run, then I think the rest of the Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager casts will end up making appearances.

There are quite a few Vulcans in the trailer.

Picard will be operating outside of Starfleet.