/Report: 94 percent of IT leaders want greater focus on AI ethics

Report: 94 percent of IT leaders want greater focus on AI ethics

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: When nine in ten leaders want more ethical rules for AI, it is clear we do have a problem. However, the intersection of AI and ethics presents challenges never faced before by humans. For example, can technology solve ethical problems? That. in itself, is a philosophical debate, not a technological one.

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ByRyan Daws – Editor of AI News. Originally posted on March 26, 2019

A study from SnapLogic has found that 94 percent of IT decision makers across the UK and US want a greater focus on ethical AI development.

Bias in algorithms continues to be a problem and is among the biggest barriers to societal adoption. Facial recognition algorithms, for example, have been found to be far less accurate for some parts of society than others.

Without addressing these issues, we’re in danger of automating problems such as racial profiling. Public trust in AI is already low, so there’s a collective responsibility within the industry to ensure high ethical standards.

“AI is the future, and it’s already having a significant impact on business and society. However, as with many fast-moving developments of this magnitude, there is the potential for it to be appropriated for immoral, malicious, or simply unintended purposes.

We should all want AI innovation to flourish, but we must manage the potential risks and do our part to ensure AI advances in a responsible way.”

Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at SnapLogic

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