/Privacy rights may become next victim of killer pandemic

Privacy rights may become next victim of killer pandemic

Summary: The coronavirus pandemic has led to the creation of apps and tracking systems to track people’s movements.

Original author and publication date: Rob Lever – March 29, 2020

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: No more privacy? It seems that, if we want to survive, privacy will go away. Or perhaps it already did.

Source: Techxplore.com

From the article:

Digital surveillance and smartphone technology may prove helpful in containing the coronavirus pandemic—but some activists fear this could mean lasting harm to privacy and digital rights.

From China to Singapore to Israel, governments have ordered electronic monitoring of their citizens’ movements in an effort to limit contagion. In Europe and the United States, technology firms have begun sharing “anonymized” smartphone data to better track the outbreak.

These moves have prompted soul-searching by privacy activists who acknowledge the need for technology to save lives while fretting over the potential for abuse.

“Governments around the world are demanding extraordinary new surveillance powers intended to contain the virus’ spread,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation said in an online post.

“Many would invade our privacy, deter our free speech, and disparately burden vulnerable groups of people. Governments must show that such powers would actually be effective, science-based, necessary, and proportionate.”

The measures vary from place to place. Hong Kong ordered people arriving from overseas to wear tracking bracelets, and Singapore has a team of dedicated digital detectives monitoring those living under quarantine.

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