/Police in China will use AI face recognition to identify ‘lost’ elderly

Police in China will use AI face recognition to identify ‘lost’ elderly

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: AI face recognition will identify the lost elderly… and who else will be ID in that way?

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Original author and publication date: Ryan Daws (AI News) – Augus 5, 2019

Chinese police hope to use AI-powered facial recognition, in combination with the nation’s mass surveillance network, to identify lost elderly people.

The country’s surveillance network is often scrutinised for being invasive, but the ability to detect potentially vulnerable people helps to shift the perception that it primarily benefits the government.

Public data suggests around 500,000 elderly people get lost each year, the equivalent of around 1,370 per day. About 72 percent of the missing persons were reported mentally challenged, requiring extra policing effort to identify them and ensure they get home safe.

China is home to many pioneering facial recognition companies. SenseTime became the world’s most funded AI startup in April last year, and launched another $2 billion funding round in January.

Part of the attraction for investors in SenseTime is due to providing technology for the Chinese government’s vast surveillance network. SenseTime’s so-called Viper system aims to process and analyse over 100,000 simultaneous real-time streams from traffic cameras, ATMs, and more to automatically tag and keep track of individuals.

SenseTime claims to have experienced around 400 percent growth in recent years, evidence of the appetite for facial recognition technology.

Despite being such a major player in facial recognition technology, SenseTime CEO Xu Li has called for facial recognition standards to be established for a ‘healthier’ industry.

Public distrust in facial recognition systems remains high. Earlier this year, AI News reported on the findings of the American Civil Liberties Union which found Amazon’s facial recognition AI erroneously labelled those with darker skin colours as criminals more often when matching against mugshots.

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