/Planes on Titan and Pipelines on the Moon: NASA Considering Some Wild Future Tech

Planes on Titan and Pipelines on the Moon: NASA Considering Some Wild Future Tech

Key idea: NASA’s advanced concepts program, which seeks to “make the impossible possible,” has selected 14 projects worthy of further study.

Original author and publication date: George Dvorsky (Gizmodo) – January 10, 2023

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: The future is cocreated on the basis of many dreams and many actions.

From the article:   

The future of space exploration requires big ideas, and NASA has no objection to considering some of the biggest ideas out there. The space agency’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program exists for this very purpose, and it has chosen the next crop of concepts worthy of an initial study.

The latest round of NIAC grants were awarded to 14 research teams, each receiving $175,000 to further develop their concepts, NASA announced yesterday. Of the 14, 10 are first-time NIAC recipients. These are all preliminary Phase I studies, which need to be completed within nine months.

“These initial Phase I NIAC studies help NASA determine whether these futuristic ideas could set the stage for future space exploration capabilities and enable amazing new missions,” Michael LaPointe, program executive for NIAC, said in the statement.

Success in Phase I could see some of these concepts move to Phase II, in which the researchers are granted more funding and two more years to further develop their ambitious schemes. Only a select few make it to third base: Phase III.

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