/Only three days left to invest in Aurora (Space) Station

Only three days left to invest in Aurora (Space) Station

What is Orion Span?

Orion Span is building the world’s luxury space hotel and private space station for touristsastronauts, and space research. SpaceX disrupted the space launch business and is worth more than $27 billion today. Orion Span is on a mission to do the same for the space destination business.

Named Aurora Station, Orion Span’s patented IP and operational concepts emphasize simplicity, cutting costs in extraordinary ways and improving accessibility in ways never seen before in space station design and operation.

Invest in Aurora Station

We recently joined forces with SeedInvest to raise a funding round because we wanted to be able to share our future growth and journey with our customers, advocates, and believers. For the past 80 years only the wealthiest 2% of Americans have been allowed to invest in startups in the US. Never before has it been possible to invest in a space company this early – now it is. Join us today

Our core mission is to build human communities in space. Making this first funding round available to all is one step along the journey of making space more accessible to all. And a real, budding community is only possible when that community is invested in its success. 

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