/New intelligent kitchen robot will prepare tasty meal and even do the dishes

New intelligent kitchen robot will prepare tasty meal and even do the dishes

Summary: This new robot, with a cost of over $330,000, can prepare more than 5000 recipes.

Original author and publication date: LuxuryLaunches.com – December 21, 2020

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: This new robot is expensive and big, but the first computers were also expensive and big. Soon, the intelligent kitchen robot will be inexpensive and small (like Rosey the Robot in the Jetsons).

From the article:

A lot of people will think a robot won’t be able to manage its way around a kitchen. But not only is this feat achieved, by the looks of it, but the kitchen robot by a London-based robotics company will also outshine even those who like to call themselves an established cook.

You can’t beat a robot that promises to whip up a choice of up to 5,000 recipes at the press of a button? The Moley kitchen robot even cooks from scratch and even cleans up afterward without complaint.

Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik have together created this novel robot developed with the assistance of Tim Anderson, a culinary innovator and winner of the 2011 series of BBC MasterChef. The idea behind creating this not-so-cheap contraption is to get restaurant standard meals without its owner having to lift a finger or order a takeaway.

Still, this comfort and luxury will come for nothing less than nearly $3,31,800. People who find cooking fun and therapeutic will laugh at the sum that brings home the Moley kitchen robot and opt to buy a home, a supercar, or maybe even a yacht for that amount instead! Nicole Pisani and Andrew Clarke to create 30 dishes to show what the Moley Kitchen robot is capable of, with more recipes to be added each month. Kicking back and relaxing comes for a considerable price, and surprisingly, the Moley Kitchen robot has already received 1,205 qualified sales inquiries.

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