/Mobile Communications Towards 2030

Mobile Communications Towards 2030

Key idea: As 5G becomes 5G-Advanced, research for future sixth generation “6G” wireless cellular networks are underway that may open new opportunities to extend wireless solutions into nearly every facet of human and machine interaction.

Original author and publication date: The Fast Mode – November 15, 2022

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: The new communication will be communication between humans and intelligent machines

From the article:   

Activities are happening today, that are shaping wireless networks beyond 5G throughout North America and around the world, including initiatives in Germany and India. It looks at early specifications and requirements for emerging mobile communications applications, including holographic communications, imaging and sensing, evolutions of massive IoT (mIoT), smart agriculture, and first responder services among others.

The white paper by 5G Americas focuses particularly on North American technical leadership, examining new applications, services and emerging technologies under discussion and planning stages. It reviews activities by the US Department of Defense, recent US CHIPS Act, standards activities, and North American leadership in the ITU significant to research and future development of 6G.

The paper explores the following key topics:

  • Introduction with activities focused on North America & National Science Foundation programs
  • Review of global activities
  • Standards initiatives
  • Use cases
  • Technology requirements and network evolution
  • Technology enablers and trends
  • North American leadership – technology and regulatory

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