/Life in 2050: How Will AI Shape the Future?

Life in 2050: How Will AI Shape the Future?

Key idea: Here are some items about the future with the caveats that nobody really knows and there are innumerable macro factors that could limit, or at least bend the arc, of the advances.

Original author and publication date: William McKnight (Information Week) –

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: It is clear that the the future will bring many surprises. However, there are things we can anticipate.

From the article:   

Healthcare Goes Genomic and Predictive
We’re moving from a system of generalized healthcare based on some of your high-level identifiers like age, race, and BMI. We’re moving to a world of personalized medicine based on your sequence genome. It’s all there. It’s who you are. Once you, and millions of others for algorithm training, are sequenced, then healthcare will be predictive.

Your propensities will be on full display in your DNA — analyzed, and potentially quite altered, pre-birth. It will be impossible to become a professional athlete, musician, or numerous other high skill positions in 2050 without altered DNA. We already have genetically edited babies, a trend that could be quite pronounced by 2050.

AI will treat, and largely eliminate, neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, most birth defects, and spinal cord injuries as well as blindness and deafness. By 2050 robotic prosthetics may be stronger and more advanced than our own biological ones and they will be controlled by our minds.

AI will be able to do the initial examination, take tests, do X-rays and MRIs, and make a primary diagnosis and even treatment. Most necessary doctor interactions will be by videoconference, while robots will be on hand for assistance with everything, even surgery.

Today, some doctors do not trust the emerging algorithms and ignore the output. This will dissipate by 2050, fully establishing the era of genomic and predictive medicine.

Quantum Computing
We are moving through the era of bits and bytes as our computing frame of reference. The future is about quantum computing. Quantum computing uses qubits, which can be any proportion of the 0 to 1 state.

Early testing has shown a dramatic, exponential speed up in queries. All calculations happen simultaneously. Searching large data sets, which will still be quite interesting in 2050, will only be done with quantum. Quantum computing may usher in a whole new wave of relevant technology companies by 2050.

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