/Killer robots get go-ahead in US report

Killer robots get go-ahead in US report

Summary: A global ban on AI-powered autonomous weapons systems should be resisted, according to an official report commissioned for US President Joe Biden and Congress.

Original author and publication date: Law Society – March 2, 2021

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: “Terminator” is (almost) here. Will we be able to stop it?

From the article:

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence group, chaired by technologist Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google has produced a report which says that artificial intelligence requires military responses that humans cannot make quickly enough alone.

AI will “compress decision time frames” it adds, warning that Russia and China are unlikely to respect any such treaty.

It adds that if autonomous weapons systems have been properly tested and are authorised for use by a human commander, they will comply with international humanitarian law.

“This is a shocking and frightening report that could lead to the proliferation of AI weapons making decisions about who to kill,” said Professor Noel Sharkey (spokesman for the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots).

“The most senior AI scientists on the planet have warned them about the consequences, and yet they continue.

“This will lead to grave violations of international law,” he said.

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