/Is AI Really Intelligent?

Is AI Really Intelligent?

Key idea:  Artificial intelligence is often portrayed as the future of humanity. But is the logic of algorithms really infallible?

Original author and publication date: DW – May 2, 2023

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Before questioning AI’s intelligence, we should question our own intelligence

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Today, even programmers warn against overestimating AI. After all, artificial intelligence presents us with opportunities, but it also comes with risks.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the term “artificial intelligence” – or “AI” for short — has been on everyone’s lips. The reason for this comeback? The triumph of deep learning, or multi-layer learning.

The technology seems to stop at nothing: language acquisition, criminal investigations, self-driving cars, medical diagnoses. But how do these systems work? And what are their limitations?

Deep Learning is based on extremely powerful statistical tools, but their true capabilities are light years away from the ‘intelligence of the future’ promised by some. Only the humans who work in the shadows of AI to train it, improve it or correct its algorithms have real neural networks at their disposal. Doubts about and criticism of artificial intelligence are growing ever louder, especially among developers and computer scientists.

This is because the technology is highly susceptible to systematic bias and the reproduction of stereotypes. Even more problematic is the opacity of the system, which experts call a “black box” because even they barely understand how it works. But regardless of the weaknesses of “intelligent” machines, more and more virtual assistants are creeping into our private and professional daily lives. A development critically examined by this scientific documentary.

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