/Inside the futuristic tech travel trend that could make your next trip truly out of this world

Inside the futuristic tech travel trend that could make your next trip truly out of this world

Key idea: VR helps travellers explore old corners of the world in new ways.

Original author and publication date: Nick Dauk (EuroNews) – November 11, 2022

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: If we travel inside a VR world, are we really traveling or just experiencing something similar to traveling?

From the article:   

What do Pokémon GO and the COVID pandemic have in common? Both have dramatically accelerated the convergence of technology and travel.

Pokémon’s popular mobile game proved that a creative application of augmented reality (AR) was enough to spur users to explore the real-world.

The onset of the pandemic made the same case for virtual reality (VR): provide users with a way to virtually travel the globe and they’ll lace up their metaversal trainers.

The potential of AR and VR to enhance the travel experience grew by leaps and bounds during the pandemic as travel companies, attractions and destinations were forced to adopt technology in ways they’d never tried before.

As we navigate a post-pandemic world, the same absorbing technology will be employed to enhance the visitor experience, rather than replicate it. AR, VR and the metaverse will exponentially grow within our physical world, immersing travellers in a technology-driven trend that will continue far beyond 2023.

“Technology as simple as cellphones can quickly connect us with remote communities,” says Lola Akinmade Åkerström, the app’s Stockholm-based co-founder.

She believes that the Local Purse experience benefits all involved. It makes travel accessible and inclusive for travellers with mobility issues. It helps businesses reduce their carbon footprints by reducing physical travel. And it provides a sustainable source of income and organic connection to local guides and cultural artisans.

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