/Google to translate and transcribe conversations in real time

Google to translate and transcribe conversations in real time

Summary: Google unveiled this week a feature that’ll let people use their phones to both transcribe and translate a conversation in real time into a language that isn’t being spoken. 

Original author and publication date: Richard Nieva – January 28, 2020

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: The universal translator is almost real. Now we just need universal interlocutors.

From the article:

The tool will be available for the Google Translate app in the coming months, said Bryan Lin, an engineer on the Translate team.

Right now the feature is being tested in several languages, including Spanish, German and French. Lin said the computing will take place on Google’s servers and not on people’s devices.

The search giant announced the tool at a press event in San Francisco, where the company showed off other artificial intelligence projects, including initiatives in health tech and touch controls for fabrics.

Google has made a big push in natural language technology. Last year, the company introduced an interpreter mode for the Google Assistant, which lets people speak back and forth in two different languages. The tool was at first available only on smart displays, but last month Google brought the feature to phones.

More broadly, Google has invested heavily in AI and machine learning. Google made major waves last year when the company announced it had achieved quantum supremacy. Google said it designed a quantum processor called Sycamore, which in 200 seconds completed a task that, by the company’s estimate, would take 10,000 years on the world’s fastest supercomputer.

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