/Four Ideas That Will Change The Future Of Work

Four Ideas That Will Change The Future Of Work

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: The future of work is the future of unlocking the true human potential.

People at work. Source: Pablo Buffer

Original author and publication date: Jonquil Hackenberg – October 31, 2019

Future generations will likely look back on the early 21st century as the last days of drudgery, when the majority of the population still earned a living without taxing their brains or harnessing their full capabilities. By contrast, new technologies such as robotics and AI promise to transform the future of work, enabling humans to hand over repetitive tasks to machines and enabling them to focus on high value, strategic, creative work.

But there is a lot more to delivering this future than deploying new technologies. What do businesses really need to do to create jobs that deliver a real sense of purpose and add real competitive advantage? And in doing so, how do you create an organization that can sense, respond, learn and evolve at the speed of a human?

There are four key considerations that should inform this future of work.

Digital ecosystems

Far from the robots replacing us, many industries are seeing an increased requirement for human interaction. Take the consumer goods and life sciences sectors: where once they were more than happy to operate in the background and let retailers deal with end customers, they now have to have a direct relationship with the consumer.

The challenge is therefore how to unlock the widest range of human potential.

Most businesses are still geared around 9-to-5, office-bound work, which excludes a huge pool of talent: single parents, disabled people, those who live outside of the big conurbations, to name just a few.

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