/Forget the Metaverse: Get Ready for the Future-Verse

Forget the Metaverse: Get Ready for the Future-Verse

Key idea: While Mark Zuckerberg focuses on getting his legs to work in the metaverse, Geoffrey Bund, CEO at Headwall, is working to deploy ‘future-verse’ environments for secure WFH setups.

Original author and publication date: S. C. Stuart (OC Magazine) – January 9, 2023

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Could it be the case that the Metaverse will become obsolete before reaching its full potential? Yes.

From the article:   

While the metaverse doesn’t yet match the hype behind the headlines for the average person, some industries have been merging the physical and digital worlds to keep critical industries running no matter the circumstance—and your office may be next.

These so-called “future-verses” go beyond shared digital workspaces facilitated by VR headsets or digital overlays seen through augmented reality eyewear. We’re talking real-time feeds from massive data clouds; digital twins that allow for industrial application simulations; haptics-based, gesture-driven actions; and more.

To get an idea of how future-verse workplaces will function, we spoke to Geoffrey Bund(Opens in a new window), CEO at Headwall(Opens in a new window), a virtual command center technology firm, who filled us in on the skills that will be in demand and which industries are already in play.

Imagination and creativity will also be required. If most people are engaged in hybrid work, or staying remote, surely these new future-verse work environments won’t feature the dreaded cubicle layouts of the past.

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