/Automated Harvester May Be a Peek into the Future
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Automated Harvester May Be a Peek into the Future

Summary: A new automated harvester can identify and harvest strawberries using a system of lasers, computers, and robotics. 

Original author and publication date: Matthew Wein – June 2021

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: It seems the robotization of agriculture will be one of the key elements for the future of humanity

From the article:

advanced.farm recently developed an automated harvester that can identify and harvest strawberries using a system of lasers, computers, and robotics.

“We are trying to bring agriculture into the 21st century,” Kyle Cobb, CEO of advanced.farm, tells Food Tank.

Cobb’s company is trying to revamp the way that farmers perform tasks beginning with their prototype automated harvester. The harvester works by moving through berry patches and scanning for ripe berries using the laser and computer system. Once a ripe berry has been identified, a robotic arm picks and places it into a basket so it can be packaged and sent to market.

Cobb believes the machine represents the next major technological advancement in agriculture. “We feel that farming practices can be improved so that everyone in the production process can have an improved workspace,” Cobb says.

Illustration of a farm. Source: Food Tank

Traditionally, strawberry harvesting practices are labor-intensive, requiring workers to spend many hours in fields picking berries by hand and later sorting and packaging. advanced.farm promises that their technology will remove some of the more labor-intensive aspects and improve harvest speeds.

According to Cobb, the technology can also help to reduce labor costs. He explains that the industry regularly updates regulations to ensure the quality of the produce. This requires farmers to invest more time and labor into production, which can be expensive for farmers.

Cobb sees the automated harvester as an ideal tool for midsize farmers who want to integrate technology and agriculture to optimize production. He believes that many farmers have recognized the need for this since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 has been a test of resourcefulness of farmers. We have been working with our harvesters in the fields and showing farmers how our products can help them keep up and even improve production of strawberries,” Cobb tells Food Tank.

But many farmworkers have concerns about products like advanced.farm’s.

Hernan Hernandez, Executive Director of the California Farmworker Foundation, explains that workers see automation as a threat to their jobs. He tells Food Tank, “[Farm workers] are most scared when machines pop up and they see their jobs going away. They aren’t sure what they can do about the situation.”

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