/7 Technology Trends Shaping the World’s Future

7 Technology Trends Shaping the World’s Future

Source: Pablo Buffer

Summary: According to the article, 5G will make everything better, and in return, will rule the Internet connection sphere for a while.

Original author and publication date: Thurgood Mashiane -February 11, 2020

Fururizonte Editor’s Note: “Shaping the future” and “making the future better” are two different concepts that should not be confused.

From the article:

hen Doc, Marty and Jennifer travelled to 2015 in 1989’s Back to the Future II, they saw lots of things that now exist in real life. First, there was a hoverboard. Then there were person drones, robotic gas attendants and bionic implants.

On the other end, they saw flying cars, hovering inversion therapy and several other technologies scientists are far from inventing. In this article, we look at what’s already created, more so, tech trends now shaping our future.

Big Data

Everyone that has tried big data has reported of the same experience. For starters, they are astonished at the amount of data they can analyze. Then they are stunned at the benefits of using the wealth of information from big data to impact change.

In the security sector, police and military officials analyze hundreds of thousands of gigabytes worth of information to detect and stop crime. They use the same data to analyze the behaviours of high-level criminals and stop them before they commit crimes.

In the health industry, big data is playing an essential role in accelerating the rate at which scientists conduct their work. For example, they can analyze how thousands of people react to different medicines and formulate ways to improve them.

Sports, finance, and marketing are also tapping on big data. The objective is to analyze large volumes of information to find the most effective ways to solve real-world problems.

Cloud Gaming

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