/3 near-term tech advances that could change the future

3 near-term tech advances that could change the future

Summary: The convergence of conversational computing, ambient computing, and Cloud PCs are likely to radically reshape the tech world within a decade.

Original author and publication date: Rob Enderle – July 30, 2021

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: The future is still in the future and we are already changing it. And then people assume the future is inconsequential

From the article:

The pandemic has had a fascinating impact on the speed of change in IT. We connect remotely now more than ever before. We have a real chance for videoconferencing to finally do what it always promised — eliminate most business travel, including the morning commute. Tech companies in Silicon Valley have turned this into a massive hiring advantage: by hiring people who work remotely, they pay less than they otherwise would while offering salaries far above what workers would get locally.

It’s an ironic win/win for both sides.

The business changes foisted upon companies by Covid-19 have also led to advances in other areas that could soon disrupt much of what we do. Those areas are conversational computing, ambient computing, and Cloud PCs.

Let’s take a look at each and their collective impact.

Wrapping up: The PC isn’t dead; it’s about to be reborn
Maybe we should name this coming wave of Everywhere PCs that talk to you “Lazarus.” Because as these three trends mature, we’ll be surrounded by computers that talk to us like people, offer a Windows experience wherever we and our smartphones are, and deliver an evolved computing experience that provides everyone with a companion. Form factors will need to change, interfaces will move toward voice, and head-mounted displays (once they mature) will forever change how we view and interact with our increasingly cloud-based PCs.

We are at the start of a massive change, something we haven’t seen since the PC was born. By the time this trend ends, our computers will have become our companions, always with us, and with the power of the cloud to back them up. We’ll talk to them like we talk to each other — with the main exception that the computers won’t take offense or turn against us.

This should make for a fascinating decade.

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