/10 Horrifying Predictions Scientists Have Made For The Future Of Humanity

10 Horrifying Predictions Scientists Have Made For The Future Of Humanity

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Summary: This article presents some of the most horrifying scientific predictions that have been made regarding the future of humanity

Original author and publication date: Benjamin Elisha Sawe – February 2020

Futurizonte Editor’s Note: Buddha said that everybody knows one day we will all die, but not everybody lives according do that truth.

From the article:

As far as the accuracy of the information goes, none can beat scientific findings. They are results of fact-finding research collected over countless person-hours and backed with evidence. Scientific predictions have for ages shaped out the outlook of the planet and the future of everything in it that is currently in the hands of human species. Scientific forecasts on the future of humanity are never good, and this is because humanity has proved over and over again how self-destructive they can be. In the blind pursuit of its preservation, humanity keeps destroying the same things upon which their survival hangs upon entirely. So, what are some of the most horrifying scientific predictions that have been made regarding the future of humanity?

Increase of natural disasters due to climate change

Climate change has been an iron noose around humanity’s neck for over a century now, and it does not show any signs of slowing down. According to scientists, the planet only has a little over a decade to change how energy is used to reduce the impact of climate change before it is too late. Once the tipping point is reached, then all hope of reversing the ravages of climate change will be impossible. Coastlines around the world are slowly being overwhelmed by rising sea levels as more ice from up north is melted by increasing temperatures. Cyclones are growing in frequency and intensity within the tropics. It is predicted that if the world temperature were to rise by another three degrees, then most of Florida and Bangladesh among other regions would be underwater.

Outbreak of new pandemics

When discussing the future of humanity, epidemics are never far away. There have been significant instances in the timeline of man’s existence where humanity was almost wiped out by diseases. Smallpox took out 300 million people at its peak. The modern world has higher probabilities of pandemic outbreaks than ever before, couple that with how easy traveling has become, then you have yourself a ticking time bomb. Experts have warned that antibiotics are being rendered ineffective every year as viruses mutate, and they believe that by 2050 deaths caused by resistant pathogens will increase to 10 million a year compared to the current 700,000 annual deaths.

The domination of artificial intelligence

There is a lot of good that comes with technological advancement. In recent years, the development of Artificial Intelligence has turned into a race. There are benefits of using AI, but experts have also warned of the dangers of granting too much power to technology. Wars are now being fought remotely using drones controlled by operators thousands of miles away from their targets, striking enemies with frightening precisions. Plans are underway to entirely cut out human input from the drones by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence drones that make their own decisions. At the current pace of technological advancement, the world will be a different place a century from now, and the possibility of that future being run by Artificially Intelligent machines is not far-fetched. Replacing the human workforce with machines has already caused problems before, and it is expected to create more trouble in the future.

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